A Graduate One Year Later

Yesterday I was carrying some glass jars filled with goodies and encouraging notes to our guests.  There were three boxes and I heard a familiar voice ask me if I wanted help.  I replied, “Yes, actually.  Thanks!”  But when I looked at the man coming to me I had to do a double take.

He was a graduate of our program last year. The transformation was AMAZING!  I will call him Jay because I did not talk to him about using his story ahead of time. I remember when Jay first showed up with a lot of piercings and a crazy hairstyle.  His attitude was not great.  He tried to manipulate people, find ways around work, and was very quick to lose his temper too.

As Jay’s time in the New Life Recovery Program continued, I started to see the change in his life.

He accepted Christ as his savior and everything changed.  A complete 180 in his attitude and behavior!

Fast forward a year after graduation, Jay is clean cut and looking good!  He also gave me his business card. I don’t know if you caught that. His business card means he has a job.  Not only does he have a job, but he has helped others that have graduated from Open Door Mission to get jobs because his employer was so impressed with him!  He now is a supervisor and representative for his company!

To see people’s lives changed so dramatically is a joy of mine for the last 5 and a half years here.

Thank you to all those that give financially and with their time and talents to invest into changing a person’s life so profoundly!

Joyfully In Christ.

Joshua Smith
Heartland Hands Coordinator

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