Oct 6, 2011  |     |   General

Jacobs House Romania and the Open Door Mission Omaha. Two different ministies, one common goal. To draw our brothers and sisters closer to Jesus Christ by serving them and filling very basic needs such as clothing. All year long Bob Wolkins fills 70 pound boxes with clothing destined for the people of Materat Romania, 360 boxes all together. He also repairs bicycles for the Romanian children, 140 bikes in all.

Mr. Wolkins pays for a seatainer every year to ship all this to Romania. They drop it at his home, and he has two hours to load it, before it starts costing more money. Last year a group of volunteers helped, and it took nearly four hours to load.

When asked, over 20 men that stay at the Open Door Mission came forward and volunteered. Their goal was to not exceed two hours- they were determined to hold those costs in line. They worked together like a team that had done this many times before. They each had their own job, yet looked out for the man next to him. They relieved those inside the seatainer regularly, as the temperature was much hotter than outside. When the last bicycle went on, the time was just shy of two hours. On top of that, due to a miscalculation of seatainer size, 60 boxes wouldn’t fit. Jacobs House donated that 4200 pounds of clothing to the Open Door Mission.

As children, I’m quite sure these men didn’t dream of being in a homeless shelter one day. But through their hardship, God delivered them to this high place. A place where others they will most likely never meet, have been touched by their kindness. In a very poor part of this world God delivered hope through these men.

Patrick J McKernan
Open Door Mission, Garland Thompson Mens Center Director