A Change of Perspective

Sep 3, 2010  |     |   General

Chances are, if you’ve ever taken a psychology course of any kind, you’re familiar with the theory of human motivation called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Simply put, it’s a ladder of human needs and the priorities they’re given. Once the first rung is filled, it’s easy to begin desiring what is on the next rung. At the bottom of the ladder are the very basics of survival; food, water, and shelter. Without these, it would be hard to move up. We at Open Door Mission see this every day.

There is a tendency almost everyone falls into– seeing and listening, but not understanding. We all do it and even being aware of this pitfall, I still fall into this trap. Jesus did warn us about it in his teachings. Sometimes you need a change of perspective, before you can truly understand something. For the greater part of my time here at the Mission, I have processed donations, cleaned up the credit card database and helped with mailings. I find ways to make my work space a bit more colorful by hanging up art I have made or enjoy. I was always aware of the severity of what residents at Open Door Mission go through, but I never fully understood it. This really started to pull on my heart; I started reading about what leads to poverty. I started eating at the kitchen more and simply “observing”. That all helped, but it wasn’t until I felt compelled to go on a fast that I was able to comprehend, at least to some degree, what tenants of Open Door Mission have really gone through. Only once I had experienced – even for a brief time – lack of some of the listed needs on the lowest rung of Maslow’s ladder, did I begin to grasp just how much I had taken for granted. Every day, we need to put our minds into manual gear, rather than automatic and truly listen to what our Lord is telling us…. and then act on it.

Nicholas Tabor
Development Specialist

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