A call to three days of Prayer and Fasting and Prayerwalk regarding the proposed Casino

Jan 31, 2008  |     |   General


In that day the Lord of hosts will become a beautiful crown and a glorious diadem to the remnant of His people; A spirit of justice for him who sits in judgement, a source of strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate. Is. 28:5,6

We’re sure that most of you have heard the news about the Ponca tribe receiving permission to build a casino in Carter Lake. Carter Lake is part of Iowa but is on the Nebraska side of the river therefore it is Iowa’s jurisdiction. (We’ve included background history of the land and casino issue at the end of this e-mail.) In 2003 and 2004 we did prayer works across the state asking the Lord to intervene in the casino gambling issue. In His great kindness and through the body of Christ’s prayer and action the issue was defeated.

Several years ago someone shared with me a picture they’d had in prayer of a large battering ram swinging again the gates of our city. Once again the enemy is at the gates of our city and state. Although Carter Lake is Iowa land a casino will have great impact and invasion into Nebraska. We find ourselves looking once again to the Lord to be our Champion, our Victorious Warrior.

Therefore, we are calling a statewide 3 day prayer and fast concerning this issue that wants to deeply and negatively impact our community and state. We will also do a prayerwalk on Monday, the 4th.

Statewide Call To Three Days of Prayer and Fasting:
· Monday, Feb. 4th through Wed. Feb. 6th.
· See prayer guide below.

Casino Site Prayerwalk:
· Monday Evening, February 4th, 5:30 to 6:30 PM
· We will meet at the Timberlake Outreach Center, 2107 East Locust (just East of Abbott Dr), then go over to the proposed site to prayerwalk.

The prayer focus will be from Psalm 20:

Day one:

Ps. 20:1-3–meditate on this.

  • Pray the Lord would intervene in this situation and turn back the enemy at the gate.
    Declare the name of the Lord over Omaha and Nebraska–our Deliverer; our Helper; Jehovah Nissi–our banner.
  • Pray the State of Iowa would join with our courageous Attorney Gen. Jon Bruning who filed to appeal the federal ruling on behalf of Nebraska. Pray for Jon and all the attorneys involved in supporting the appeal.
  • Pray that economic development would open up for the Ponca tribe and they wouldn’t look to a casino for financial provision.

Day two:

Ps. 20:4-6–meditate on this.

  • Pray the Lord would give Omaha and Nebraska the desire of His heart–that we’d be a praise and honor to His Son.
  • Pray that the Lord would be victorious in this battle.
  • Pray that the Body of Christ across the state would awaken and build up the wall and stand in the gap in prayer about this issue.
  • Pray the Ponca Tribe finds its identity in Christ; they know the Lord’s purpose for them and their redemptive gifting so they can become who God intends them to be.

Day three:

Ps. 20:7-9–meditate on this.

  • Pray for the Lord’s mercy for Omaha, Carter Lake and Nebraska.
  • Pray for confusion, dissension and conflict among those groups involved in promoting the building of a casino. (2 Chron. 20:21-23)
  • Pray that the enemy’s strategies, schemes and plans against the Ponca tribe, Carter Lake, Omaha and Nebraska would be broken by the power of Jesus’s Name and His blood.
  • Pray that God’s will would be done and His Kingdom would come to Carter Lake, Omaha, Nebraska and the Ponca tribe.


In 1877 flooding and shifting of the Missouri river left a small parcel of Iowa land (2,000 acres) on the Nebraska side of the river. This is Carter Lake, Iowa, population 3,300.

Carter Lake is just northeast of downtown Omaha and directly across from Eppley airport. It is within a short distance of the new Quest Center and Gallup University.

In 1962 the Federal Gov. at the request of the tribe, terminated the Ponca tribe’s status. It had less then 70 members at that time.

In 1990 the Federal Gov. recognized the Poncas as a tribe. This made them eligible for Federal funding.

The Poncas are the smallest of Nebraska’s 4 tribes and have no reservation.

In 1999 the Ponca tribe purchased 5 acres of land in Carter Lake and had it taken into “Trust” in 2002 for the purpose of building a health clinic.

Tribal leaders repeatedly stated to local and state Iowa officials the land was for a clinic not a casino.

In Oct. 2007 the Poncas appealed to the National Indian Gaming Commission (NGIC) to be able to build a casino on that land. It was denied because the site was not taken into Trust for gambling purposes under the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) regulations. They appealed the decision.

On Dec. 31, 2007 the NIGC reversed their ruling and allowed permission stating that although there had been deception on the part of the Ponca tribe they could not restrict their land usage. (The NIGC is an independent regulatory agency established within the Dept. of Interior pursuant to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988.)

Jan. 2008 the Sec. of Interior Dirk Kempthorne made a decision to tighten regulations allowing Indians to purchase land off reservations for gambling purposes. He correctly noted that since 1930 tribes have been permitted to put land in Trust for the purpose of tribal unity and the current rash of applications seem to have more to do with money then tribal cohesiveness.
On Jan. 17, 2008 Carter Lake Mayor Russell Kramer said “I have no problems with casinos at all”. He wondered how it would affect his police and volunteer fire department since this Ponca owned casino would pay no taxes to local or state governments. Carter Lake would also be responsible for road maintenance and counseling for problem gamblers that would result from a casino within walking distance of Carter Lake and Omaha’s north side.

Jan. 27, 2008 it was reported that many property owners surrounding the 5-acre parcel were willing to sell their land to the Poncas thus permitting their 5 acres to be used for the casino building alone.

What happens many times when Native Americans receive the “rights” to build a casino is that “right” is quickly leased to a Nevada gambling operation who then funds and operates the project. A percentage is then given to the tribe and unfortunately the majority see a very small financial benefit.