Jan 17, 2008  |     |   General

Good Evening,

Today, started off so great, words cannot really describe the true joy.

I met with the Missouri Synod Lutheran District on a possible partnership in South Omaha in one of their empty buildings. This has been a slow process and teaching me patience and peace. This continues to look promising in the progress.

I had a great lunch at the Southwest Kiwanis Club meeting. Damon, Open Door Mission’s Senior Development Officer, spoke to a Seratoma group. I was able to thank this group for their long time partnership for the last 8 years through Celebrate Education. I shared an opportunity for the group to expand their volunteer opportunities through a new program Excellence in Education. Quarterly, the Kiwanis members and their families will be paired up with a school aged child to venture out into the community to a restaurant to learn and practice social skills and proper etiquette. Then, head over to a local bookstore, each child will be assisted in picking 2 books of interest to purchase and keep. This is very exciting and totally funded by a business donor.

Channel 7 and 42, worked with Karen,Open Door Mission’s Director of Advancement and covered the Open Door Mission in preparation of the cold weather expected. The Open Door Mission emphasized the need for space heaters, blankets, gloves and hats for the homeless and needy. Plus, we had a great story the night before with channel 6 and Yulice.

The radio show Inside the Open Door was flowing, nicely. Then my cell phone began vibrating uncontrollably to the point that it was really hard to concentrate. At the break, I attempted to view the call list – there were 8 calls from media. I knew something was up. I left Dan, Open Door Mission’s Director of Community Services and his guest volunteer Big Lou, solo to keep doing the show and he was awesome.

But nothing really could have prepared me for the devastating news that the Ponca Tribe has been approved for a Casino in Carter Lake, IA. This a personal and leadership struggle for me. I truly believe that expanded gambling prey’s on the most vulnerable population in our community. Currently, we cannot meet the needs of the growing social issues. Yet, God is in control. Join me in prayer that God will make a way for this not to be in the Open Door Mission’s backyard.

I have to speak this evening and have to head out the door or I will be late.