Jun 9, 2008  |     |   General

Saved by Faith, Living by Faith

My grandmother had cool tapestry rugs on her floors when I was a little girl.

I remember picking up the corners and peeking underneath at all the gnarly yarn and frayed pieces. I marveled at how a rug could look so cool on the top, and so messy on the bottom.

My life is a lot like that. God sees the top, the final product, the end result. I see the frayed, gnarly pieces that look messy and unkempt. It’s easy to get discouraged at all the messiness, but God tells me to TRUST HIM. Surrender to HIS WILL. He knows what He’s doing.

Learning to let go and SURRENDER, is a hard lesson. But folks on the New Life Recovery Program at Open Door Mission are learning to do it. Day by day, minute by minute, they’re coming to understand that faith in God is more than just “eternal life in heaven”. It’s a LIFESTYLE of surrender and trust.

I love my work at Open Door Mission because I have the opportunity to meet (and interview) some of the people learning and growing in our New Life Recovery Programs. I’m always humbled by their ability to see beyond the ugliness of today, to a beautiful tomorrow. They are learning to surrender.

My name is Trudi Bils and I’m Open Door Mission’s Public Relations Director.