Aug 20, 2008  |     |   General

Wow! I never knew “communications” could be so fun. This past week I had the honor and privilege of accompanying the children from Open Door Mission to shop at Target for school clothes. (I love to shop.) The Target employees were wonderful-they provided the funds for all the children’s new shoes and school clothes. The children had a great experience-so great in fact that during a pizza dinner at CiCi’s they kept talking about what fun they had had shopping. Then this past Saturday I was blessed to serve at the Back-to-School Bash. To see the children’s faces as they got backpacks full of supplies, to hear the parents’ thank yous for helping making the first day of school a positive experience and the hot dogs and chips that HyVee provided to fill our tummies, all of this has made working at Open Door Mission a blessing.

This week it is a blessing to continue to serve as parents call in hoping we might have some backpacks left. In some cases they didn’t realize that Open Door Mission could help out, for others it is a lack of transportation on the weekends (no bus service), and for some families it is the fear that they weren’t deserving of God’s bounty. It is such a blessing to tell someone that yes we can help them, yes we can make their children feel like all the other children with a new backpack and yes God’s people truly do care for all people-no matter social, economic or ethnic group. So for the inner city church trying to encourage their 50 young people to stay in school or the family looking for a better education and life for their children here in America and all the others Open Door Mission served this past week, a big thanks to you that donated all the backpacks, the notebooks, pencils and other supplies, you have made a difference in children’s lives because you cared. Not only did so many donate, but so many helped “stuff” the backpacks before Saturday, some handed out hot dogs and chips at the party, and some did lots of “laps” gathering backpacks for the waiting families.

Thank you to all that donated, volunteered and prayed so that the children would know God’s love, would know that others cared and would know they were worthy to be loved and blessed.

Thank you for letting me serve,
Maggie Cope Communications Coordinator-Open Door Mission