Month: April 2021

A Sweet Blessing to Our Graduates

A special lady named Laura Jean stopped by Open Door Mission yesterday with beautiful name plaques for each one of our graduates from our New Life Program.  She has been making these name plaques for each one of our graduated since the mid 1980’s!  She shared that she is 88 years old this year and

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Advice to New Life Program Graduates

Each Friday morning, I am blessed to speak to the students in our New Life Recovery program. Today was very special to me because tomorrow is graduation from the program. Several men and women who have remained steadfast and diligent, are now able to confidently walk across the Open Door Mission stage as individuals whose

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Wherever You Are, Be All There

Wherever you are, be all there. I am unsure who coined this quote, but I really do love it. My wife first introduced it to me when we were married back in 2015. As a family man with a wife and 4 children, who also works and is finishing up my final year at Creighton,

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Learning about HOPE at the Omaha Beef Football Game

Saturday night I had the opportunity to represent Open Door Mission at the Omaha Beef indoor football game. Towards the end of the night a sweet Girl Scout approached the table to tell me she enjoyed the national anthem. She then sat down at our table looking at the information and items on the table.

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How Do You Celebrate Easter?

Growing up, I always celebrated Easter day the same way every year. This included dressing nice, going to church, eating a good meal afterward, and then doing an egg hunt with my relatives. It was fun but I certainly would not say that I gained an understanding of the true significance of Easter which is

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