Month: July 2020

New Kids Program for the School Year

Our kids have been having a blast this summer thanks to all of you who supported Kamp to Kids!  We are looking ahead to the school year and adapting to what school will look like when it opens. Children and youth experiencing homelessness often struggle with school and have worry, anxiety, and fear as they

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Exceeding the Expectations

Have you ever been counted out or dismissed as a lost cause? The Lydia House at the Open Door Mission has the high calling of taking in those who are being released from both prison facilities and jail. The Assistant Lydia House Director Shelly has shared the task of interviewing inmates and communicating with correctional

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Double Your Impact

Today, the best hope for the hungry and homeless in our community is found at Open Door Mission. With your help, the weak and weary have a better life. For $2.15, you can provide a good meal to relieve hunger. You will give someone the opportunity to hear the Gospel of God’s grace. Any remaining

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Humility Creates Change

We as humans have all struggled and failed in our life at different capacities. As Christ followers, our journey and the road to righteousness is difficult, or as Martin Luther King, Jr.  once spoke, “At times, life is hard, as hard as crucible steel.” We stumble and we fall but it is our hope in

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July 4, 2020

On this day of July 4th, we remember the moment in history when America broke away from the British crown and declared its independence. America’s idea of freedom was proclaimed as our moral and legal banner. It has been up to our many brave men and women who have served in our military to defend

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