Jan 15, 2020  |     |   General

The cold months of winter, the demand for shelter, poor health are mixed together with cold viruses, the flu virus and all variety of germs and that equals illnesses. Open Door Mission is blessed to h...

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Tom, A Changed Life

Jan 13, 2020  |     |   General

I am often asked if people “really” change? Are there success stories? Do people truly “break the cycle of homeless”? I can answer with a resounding YES! The following is from Tom, a former gu...

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More Than 3 Hots and a Cot

Jan 8, 2020  |     |   General

Shelters are an outgrowth of the need to provide food for the homeless or poor. There is no set date as to when “soup kitchens” became an established entity, but most agree the rise of soup kitche...

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Tales From the Schoolyard

Jan 6, 2020  |     |   General

I am blessed to speak to various middle and high schools in the area about homelessness. The students often write me notes about what they learned and how the information has affected them. I am alway...

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Legal and Illegal

Jan 3, 2020  |     |   General

Did you know in all 50 states there are laws against leaving animals outside in the cold weather (hot weather also). It is either a misdemeanor or felony. It can be just a fine or include jail time. A...

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Looking Forward or Back?

Jan 1, 2020  |     |   General

Today is January first, a day of reflection and maybe resolutions. January is named for the two-faced God Janus. Janus was always looking back or to the future. How do you look at the New Year? Is it ...

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