Thoughts From the Schoolyard

Nov 18, 2019  |     |   General

I am blessed to speak to various middle and high schools in the area about homelessness. The students often write me notes about what they learned and how the information has affected them. I am alway...

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Sleep Warm

Nov 15, 2019  |     |   General

Think about it…don’t you love going to bed on a cold night to snuggle under warm blankets?  I love snuggling under blankets and am blessed to have quite few (gifts from those that know my guilty ...

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Turkeys and Hams, Oh My!

Nov 13, 2019  |     |   General

Would you like to help Open Door Mission feed 213,500 this holiday season?  In order to meet the growing need of providing holiday meals to the homeless, working poor, disenfranchised and those witho...

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Nov 8, 2019  |     |   General

Do you want to make Christmas memorable this year? Do you want to make a difference in someone’s life (or several people’s lives)? Would you like your children to have a chance to show the true Ch...

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Finding True Peace

Nov 6, 2019  |     |   General

In today’s busy world it is hard to find true peace and calm. As Christians we know that only Christ can provide peace and calm in the storm of life. For our guests the storm of life, as well as the...

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Serving the Thousands in Need

Nov 4, 2019  |     |   General

Open Door Mission gives hope to 3,000+ people every day by just providing them with food. A sack lunch, to the woman on the street, a hot meal to a family or a comforting plate of food to a recovering...

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“Make a U-turn”

Nov 1, 2019  |     |   General

Are you directionally challenged? I am very directionally challenged, so my son gave me a GPS, the greatest gift ever! I think the GPS’ favorite phrase is “Make a U-turn”. I have taken some scen...

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