Month: October 2019

Domestic Violence

At Open Door Mission we see the effects of domestic violence daily. Domestic violence isn’t just the cuts and bruises; it is the emotional and mental pain too.  Domestic violence can destroy a person and a family. Around 24 people, in the United States, are attacked every minute by significant other.  Child abuse is often

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Do Something Nice Day Oct. 5th

Tomorrow is do something nice day. I think every day should be do something nice day. I am surrounded at work by people who do something nice…our volunteers. Volunteers give of their time, talents and energy to make nicer for those we serve. Some of our volunteers have been volunteering for years, others are just

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Sharing Hope with Volunteers

At Open Door Mission our volunteers are valued in so many ways, not just for the work they do. We often see that they are hurting and need a friend. The greatest friend we have is Jesus Christ and we will share Him gladly. Shawn, in Receiving, recently had an opportunity to that. He even

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