The Smell of Comfort-Coffee!

Sep 30, 2019  |     |   General

September 29th was National Coffee Day. Are you a coffee drinker? I am not a coffee drinker, but I Love the smell of coffee, it is so welcoming. A hot cup of coffee on a cold day warms your hands and ...

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Being a Good Neighbor

Sep 27, 2019  |     |   General

Tomorrow, September 28th, is National Good Neighbor Day. Open Door Mission encourages those in our New Life Recovery Program to give back, pay it forward for someone else. We are also blessed to give ...

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I Go To Prepare You Place

Sep 25, 2019  |     |   General

Jesus promised us He was going to prepare a place for us in heaven. It is a wonderful thought and feeling to know that there is a place just for you. For the homeless it is often just a dream, as they...

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“I Can’t Believe…”

Sep 23, 2019  |     |   General

One of my jobs at Open Door Mission is to answer the main phone line. I loved the job because I touch a person’s life for just a brief second. I hear all kinds of voices…angry/frustrated, desperat...

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Shelters For Sinners Such As I

Sep 18, 2019  |     |   General

I recently came a across the statement, “churches are just shelters for sinners.” I was not offended, because I am a sinner. I am not proud of the fact, but I do belong to a very large majority! C...

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The Missing Piece

Sep 16, 2019  |     |   General

Did you ever have a hard time fitting all the pieces of life together? Do you ever think you will never get all your ducks together, much less in a row? Do you ever have doubts that God just may not k...

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Blessed to Volunteer

Sep 13, 2019  |     |   General

Recently I made a new friend, Delphin. She came into Administration building looking for a place to volunteer. I happily sent her over to help at the Kitchen. (They can always use help 9-11, making sa...

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We Are All Rescues

Sep 9, 2019  |     |   General

Recently a friend sent the attached picture to me. I laughed and enjoyed the irony. I have 2 rescue cats that feel I belong to them. The more I looked at the picture I began see that there is a lot of...

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Read A Book

Sep 6, 2019  |     |   General

Today is Read a book Day…so make an effort to take time to read, for yourself and to your children. Reading is magical…it can transport you to a different time period, introduce you to fascinating...

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Break Fast for Breakfast

Sep 4, 2019  |     |   General

Open Door Mission serves over 3,000 meals daily, some of those meals are breakfast. It is especially important for children to eat breakfast. Growing children need the minerals and vitamins found in f...

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Who do You Labor For?

Sep 2, 2019  |     |   General

“…do not show ill will toward the needy among your fellow countrymen and give them nothing. Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will ...

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