Month: June 2019

Supportive Housing-Helps saves People from Homelessness

Did you know Open Door Mission has an apartment building?  The Permanent Supportive Housing building is 3 story building, but is really a “bridge”. It is a bridge to a life of hope and independence for those that need a safe affordable home.  The 41 units, two and three bedrooms, help keep those in poverty

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Summer Is Not always a Picnic

It is summer…a time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. People go camping and hiking. Children especially love having a picnic. The picnic can be in their own backyard or an adventure to a park. Getting outside is a summer tradition for most families, but what if you lived outside all the time?

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Flag Day

June 14th is Flag in the United States, only a legal holiday in Pennsylvania, but still a significant day in American history. On June 14, 1777 the Continental Congress approved the adoption of the “stars and stripes”. Three months later it was carried into battle. The standard for the new nation was established. The flags colors

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Timberlake Outreach Center-God Provides

The Timberlake Outreach Center is a unique store, everything in it is free! That’s right free clothes, food, household items, furniture and appliances. Thanks to generous donors it remains a center of hope for the working poor and homeless. The Center serves our guest on property as well as thousands from the community every week.

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Another Homeless Myth Proven Wrong!

One part of my job I love is changing people’s attitudes or thoughts about the homeless. There are so many misconceptions about why people are homeless, or how they got to be homeless. Everyone thinks it will NEVER happen to them. I can tell you there are shelters full of people that thought that way.

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