Month: May 2019

Graduation Time!

This time of the year is filled with graduations, from kindergarten to college. At Open Door Mission we have 3 graduations a year, plus promotion ceremonies. Yes we have graduation ceremonies, they are even live streamed for friends and family that can’t make it to the Mission. Graduation is very important to the staff and

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Harvard or Heaven?

There has been a lot in the news about parents lying, cheating and buying their children’s way into prestige schools. Most people are outraged that the parents, as Christian parents we are called to help our children to find their way to heaven…not a prestige school. The staff at Open Door Mission try to not

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The Lord Will Provide

Kate is Open Door Mission’s Clinic Coordinator, she often works with those in physical pain. She also does an awesome job scheduling student nurses and all the medical volunteers. Her efforts help the clinic serve our guests with great health care. Here is her blog. A while back there was a blog about a grandfather

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The Mountain Didn’t Move

How many times have you prayed or even begged God to do something in your life? You just know that what you are asking for is in His will. You know you have the faith to move mountains, but the mountain isn’t moving. To those new to Christianity, it can cause them to question their

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Stressed Mothers

The stress of being a mother often seems unbearable for even the “average mother”. Now, just imagine being jobless, homeless and living in a shelter! It would be safe to say that most mothers at Lydia House have or are experiencing some kind of stress. Stressed Mothers’ Prayer: Abba, please give your special peace to

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Single Mothers

Single mothers have to be both parents, making their job doubly hard. There are mostly single mothers at Lydia House. Each one has a story, but they all have something in common…they love their children. Single Mother Prayer: Father God, we thank you for each and every woman you have blessed with the privilege of

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Mothers’ Prayers

There are all types of mothers at Open Door Mission’s Lydia House. Mothers with children, those that have lost children to the court system or death, grandmothers and even those longing for children. As Mothers’ Day approaches please take time to pray for the mothers at Lydia House also. These are hurting mothers…just like so

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