Month: May 2019

Mighty Men of God!

Many people don’t realize that part of Open Door Mission’s is to encourage our guest to give back to the community. During the first week of May our “mighty men” reached out to Plattsmouth to help with flood cleanup. Their efforts were much appreciated and well documented. On Wednesday Dan Krueger and I had the

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Dandelions…Weed or Treasure?

Dandelions…Weed or Treasure? What do you see when you see dandelions? As a child I saw beautiful yellow flowers to make a bouquet for mother. I also love blowing the white seeds into the wind (much to the dismay of my father). As teen they became a noxious weed that I had to dig up

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Which Bible are You?

You often hear the phrase “you are the only Bible some people will ever read.” There are all types of Bibles in this world, the number of translations alone are daunting. What kind of “used” Bible are you? Are you the Bible that sits on the shelf most of the year? You know that Bible…it

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Supporting Our Senior Vets

This Memorial Day we have a guest blogger sharing. It is important for everyone to know that Open Door Mission takes great pride in serving our homeless veterans. We are a “Veterans First Housing” facility. We have a special event for our veterans every Veterans’ Day in November to remember their service and dedication to

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Mountain Top or Valley?

As a Christian I love those “mountain top” experiences. Those times when everything seems to go right and God has lifted you up to highest mountain. Oh, how I long to stay with that feeling…the rarified air of knowing you are in sync with what God wants for you.The longer you try to stay on

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Giving From the Heart

This Wednesday, May 23rd,  is “Omaha Gives”, a day when those in the community make a concentrated effort to raise funds to support charitable organizations.  We as Christians are called to care for the less fortunate. We need to look at what we can do to help our community, in the spirit of giving from

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