Month: April 2019

Ethan…on Volunteering at Open Door Mission

I invite volunteers, donors, staff and guests to contribute to the Open Door Mission Blog. I am blessed to share this blog from Ethan, 13 years old, a volunteer for the past 3 years. His mother both works and volunteers at the mission.  Volunteering is definitely an amazing experience for me. I enjoy the many

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The Variety of Nature

Spring is coming with its variety of colors and species of plants, trees and even wildlife. How blessed we are to revel in such uniqueness created by God’s hand. Every plant and animal has a purpose, designed by God. We are quick to appreciate the variety and uniqueness in nature, but not so often in

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Good Friday

We celebrate the Friday before Easter as Good Friday because it is good for us sinners. Have you ever thought about what that day was like for God? We must think God as Jesus’ father, his parent. We often forget to see God as a parent, but He is the only perfect parent ever. As

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Taxes are often considered a necessary evil by most Americans. We gather all the “important papers”, make sure we have the W-2s and all our deductions. So I started thinking, what if God gave us a W-2 for the work we do for Him? Would there be enough room to list all the “benefits” we

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Going With the Crowd

This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday, a Sunday we celebrate with jubilation. We are told in the Bible of all the happy crowds unashamedly shouting Hosanna to the King. Jesus was hailed as the King as the colt carried him into the city. Palm branches were waved and laid to make a royal pathway. Would

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Yes, It is Sad

Recently a graduate of Open Door Mission’s New Life Recovery Program relapsed. It is sad in so many ways, especially for the person who relapses. Suddenly, all your hard work seems for naught. Those of us that have been touched by their life are saddened, but still hold them close to our heart and in

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Prayer or Gossip?

Ephesians 4:29 29 Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. As Christians we are to pray in all things. Sometimes though, we have to be careful not to use prayer as a tool

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