How May I Help You?

March 29, 2019  |     |   General

We all get phone calls that make us shake our head or wonder if the person on the other end understands exactly what they  are asking. Tara answers the Open Door Mission main phone line 5 days a week...

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Taking Time

March 28, 2019  |     |   General

One day at the Mission, a staff member from the Garland Thompson Men’s Center brought a family to the Lydia House. The family included a grandfather, father, daughter, and her two children. Th...

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A Salvation Story

March 26, 2019  |     |   General

Last week at shift change, we ended with a word of prayer. In the prayer, we boldly asked God to save someone here at Open Door Mission that night. Shortly after our meeting, the Garland Thompson Men&...

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What Does your House Say?

March 25, 2019  |     |   General

If someone was to walk through your house, what would it say about you?  Would they see toys? Would they see family clutter? Would they see signs of a pet? Would they see remotes and a variety of mov...

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