Union Pacific Team

Jan 29, 2019  |     |   General

Thank you to the Union Pacific team that volunteered at the Timberlake Outreach Center yesterday! Your help sorting, organizing, and shelving donations are what helps Open Door Mission break the cycle...

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A New Car

Jan 28, 2019  |     |   General

        Please join me in congratulating and praying for Jamie as she just received her car today!  She’s super excited for all of the changes in her life and now will b...

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Snack Ideas

Jan 25, 2019  |     |   General

     How are YOU doing with Biggest Loser for Jesus?? Did you start off well but maybe got off track, or are you doing great and pushing forward? No matter where you are at on your jour...

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Staff Appreciation

Jan 24, 2019  |     |   General

     My name is Julie (*Name Changed) and I have been in the New Life Recovery Program since April of 2018. I am currently in the WorkNet level of the program and have been blessed with...

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Faithful Volunteer

Jan 23, 2019  |     |   General

     This is Deb.  She volunteers with us and is faithful to come almost every day and almost always works in bedding (unless she’s asked to do something different). &nb...

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Respect Workshop

Jan 22, 2019  |     |   General

Respect Workshop came to teach Lydia house guests and students about healthy relationships with role play! It was fun and we learned a lot! Thank you! Do you have an expertise or life skill class that...

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