The Armor of God

Nov 30, 2018  |     |   General

     My name is William Knudsen. I was born in April of 1969. The first 10 years of my life I Witnessed and was subjected to mental, physical, and sexual abuse and violence no child sho...

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Thank You

Nov 29, 2018  |     |   General

     Thank you so much for awarding me with a vehicle. Having my own transportation to and from my new job is a real blessing. It makes my life so much easier. I know that there is a lo...

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Above and Beyond

Nov 26, 2018  |     |   General

     A few weeks ago, we hosted our annual Chick-Fil-A canned food drive, where you receive a free Chick-Fil-A sandwich for three canned goods.      This is Marty at...

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New Vehicle

Nov 21, 2018  |     |   General

     Please join me in congratulating and praying for Kelly & Jennifer as they received a vehicle today!  This is super exciting and will really help create some new opportunit...

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Lydia House Success Story

Nov 20, 2018  |     |   General

     One of our past guest’s stopped by the Lydia House, today. She wanted us to know that she appreciates the Lydia House. She has stayed sober since she left, has her own apartment ...

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