A Tale of Two Summers

Jun 29, 2018  |     |   General

     Summer is a more challenging season than winter for people who live in the streets.     In fact, summer is not necessarily a time our homeless neighbors look forward...

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Daughters of the King

Jun 27, 2018  |     |   General

     Those that know me know I love to teach. Teaching some ladies at the Lydia House is one of my greatest blessings & joy. Recently I did a module on self-worth, emphasizing they ...

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Heat and Homeless Neighbors

Jun 25, 2018  |     |   General

     Do you remember your school days? Sometime in April you began to count down how many days were left until summer vacation. You knew summer would promise a few weeks of freedom from...

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Renewed Life

Jun 21, 2018  |     |   General

     Yesterday, a young lovely lady came to me after shopping and said, “I want to say thanks for everything you guys do here. I was here 6 moths ago and I was hopeless  and ...

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Testimony of a Changed Life

Jun 20, 2018  |     |   General

     One of the fun things about my job is getting to interact with volunteers and hear their hearts, learn about why they have come to serve and be able to thank them for making a diff...

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God’s Got This.

Jun 19, 2018  |     |   General

     Do you ever have one of those days where nothing goes right? Yesterday, from the moment I woke up, chaos ensued and trended into the work day. Mondays, am I right?    &nb...

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New ID!

Jun 18, 2018  |     |   General

You are looking at the proud owner of a NEW Nebraska ID!Ruby is so proud of this accomplishment. It had been 10 years since she had her last ID because of lost documents from other states. She wa...

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Candace’s Birthday!

Jun 15, 2018  |     |   General

     Candace’s 50th birthday is around the corner and at the quarterly staff Sermon on the Mount, we surprised Candace by hijacking the meeting which was about JOY and celebration...

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Highs and Lows

Jun 14, 2018  |     |   General

     This job is not always easy and at some points,  there are a lot of lows. So, I make sure to take time to celebrate the high points of peoples lives when they are shared with ...

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Salvation at the Mission

Jun 13, 2018  |     |   General

     Our guests on the emergency side at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center (GTMC) had a wonderful house meeting tonight. Dillon, one of the Mission’s Floor Support Workers, ...

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A Note of Encouragement

Jun 11, 2018  |     |   General

     I just wanted to drop a short note:      I want to explain how important the Mission is for some guys that are down and out, and even “lost.”   &nbs...

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In Times of Trouble

Jun 8, 2018  |     |   General

     The staff and volunteers pray with people who come to the Timberlake Outreach Center to shop quite often.     Last week, volunteer Linda (pictured) and I prayed for ...

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