Family Is Worth Fighting For

May 31, 2018  |     |   General

     Lisa talks with passion about the ministry God has given her at Open Door Mission. “What I love about the New Life Recovery Program is that there’s not an unrealistic pressure ...

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Children Are the Future

May 28, 2018  |     |   General

     Education is one of the most important tools to empowerment. The Mission will go out on speaking engagements to schools, churches, and businesses in order to educate our community ...

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The Generation of Caring

May 25, 2018  |     |   General

     I retired from full time at Open Door Mission on January 1, 2018, but Candace made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, so I came back January 3rd part time. The offer I couldn’t ref...

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God’s Reminders

May 24, 2018  |     |   General

     First, I wanted to send this picture that I took of the ladies helping each other study verses! They were working so hard and had the best time building each other up and studying ...

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Reunited for a Purpose

May 23, 2018  |     |   General

     Yesterday, one of our wonderful volunteers shared a story with me and I felt it worth sharing.     Mary has been faithfully volunteering for the past 8 months here a...

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Tips From Training

May 22, 2018  |     |   General

     As Candace Gregory, Open Door Mission’s President/CEO says, “I am a slow learner BUT not a give up learner. So I HOPE that counts, God is not finished with me yet.̶...

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May 21, 2018  |     |   General

Sometimes, there isn’t necessarily a story to tell, only a beautiful moment to show. God has blessed the Mission immensely, and these pictures are here to prove it.  Men in our New Life Rec...

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Unfiltered Joy

May 18, 2018  |     |   General

     There’s joy in the small things. If you have never taken the time to stop and really think about that, you may be missing out on a key part of the joy God so freely gives. I ...

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God Hears our Prayers

May 17, 2018  |     |   General

     Prayer is a powerful tool the Mission uses on a weekly basis. Whether that means praying for a guest, a donor, or another Mission employee, the Mission PRAYS! So on National Day of...

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Other Duties As Assigned

May 16, 2018  |     |   General

     We all have that line in our job description that states, “other duties as assigned.” We joke about this phrase, but I took a couple of pictures of Russell, the directo...

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May 15, 2018  |     |   General

    Erick, one of the guests staying in the Garland Thompson Men’s Center, approached me this morning and asked me if I knew an older man with the walker that was also currently residi...

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A New Way of Life

May 14, 2018  |     |   General

     Just because you are homeless, does not mean you are talentless. Open Door Mission is blessed to see this truth all around us every day. So, when the Mission was in need of an arti...

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Free Pet Clinic

May 11, 2018  |     |   General

     We are grateful that Dr. Nels, a very experienced veterinarian, joins a small group of dedicated volunteer vet techs and animal lovers in a periodic Free Pet Clinic at Open Door Mi...

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Answered Prayers

May 10, 2018  |     |   General

     Our kitchen here at the Mission runs primarily on donations. 80-90% of everything we use comes from donors. Manufacturing plants give us meat ends that we take and turn into hundre...

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