Freed From Wickedness

Feb 28, 2018  |     |   General

     The other day I met with a young man who has parents of African descent. His father is from Liberia, and the family that he came from still lives there and actively participates in...

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King of my Heart

Feb 27, 2018  |     |   General

     As I am listening to the song King of my Heart, one of my many favorite songs, I came across this article. What a good reminder that we need to strengthen our spiritual hearts! Itâ...

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Lessons from ‘Night’

Feb 26, 2018  |     |   General

     I attend high school, and there are many people that speak horribly and disrespectfully to each other. As I recently read Night by Elie Wiesel, I have realized that speaking to oth...

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God Moved Me to Move Me

Feb 23, 2018  |     |   General

     My name is Jeremy and I’m 32 years old. I was born and raised in Southern California, and have lived in Nebraska since 2013. A lot of people ask me why in the world I would move ...

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Servants’ Attitudes

Feb 21, 2018  |     |   General

     I wanted to take a moment to recognize the men in our New Life Recovery and Journey to Work Programs for helping out so much around the Mission! I’ve seen men helping with snow r...

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Greet One Another

Feb 20, 2018  |     |   General

     I am reading She Reads Truth Romans Study. It has been a challenge for me as Romans is hard for me to fully grasp.  Today I read Romans 16: I commend to you our sister Phoebe,...

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Inspired by Passion

Feb 19, 2018  |     |   General

     Thank you for serving the homeless population in Omaha. Each night, nearly 2,000 people in Omaha are without food and shelter, and Open Door Mission helps care for these people. Th...

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Now a Graduate!

Feb 16, 2018  |     |   General

     My name is Dal. I started this journey at Open Door Mission after being unsuccessful at a couple of other treatment facilities. I joined the New Life Recovery Program and was doing...

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This Drug-Addicted Lifestyle

Feb 15, 2018  |     |   General

This drug-addicted lifestyle You thought would fit you Losing sight of faith, family and love You were willing to give it all up for one hit of that drug You were 18 when it first happened Alone with ...

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Hearts of Hope

Feb 14, 2018  |     |   General

     Each February, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Open Door Mission highlights Hearts of Hope. Hope comes in many forms here at the Mission: a donation for the Hearts of Hope Baby Show...

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Promotions Night!

Feb 13, 2018  |     |   General

     I had a student come to me after our most recent monthly Promotions Ceremony and tell me that it’s his favorite part. He went on to explain that when you’re in the program itâ€...

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Providing a Safe Place

Feb 12, 2018  |     |   General

     I appreciate what you at Open Door Mission do to help people in need. Because of you, many people are able to have the assistance they need and deserve. People who at a time couldn...

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Five Years of Sobriety

Feb 8, 2018  |     |   General

     I have completed the New Life Recovery Program, and have since been spending time with my daughter and my grandson, and working towards getting my Commercial Driver’s License (CD...

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