Month: January 2018

YOU Provide More Than Just Cardboard

This is our friend Dwayne. He has been homeless, but currently resides at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center. Cold days like these remind him of his time on the streets. Cardboard often saved Dwayne’s life as he used to construct shelters from the wind or even start cardboard on fire for warmth. He is thankful

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More Than a Christmastime Miracle

Open Door Mission and the Lydia House have been blessed by the faithfulness of the Omaha Police Union to invest their time and money to develop relationships with children desperately needing to engage with positive role models. There have been hundreds of friendships established through one evening together during our Shop with a Cop program,

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Life on the Streets of Omaha

With snow and cold temperatures on their way, seeking shelter might be the difference between life and death for those living out on the streets. Will you join us in praying for each individual, that they would seek shelter at Open Door Mission, or somewhere they can be safe and warm? We ask if you

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More Than Just Surviving the Winter…Part 2

Since her interview, Rowena gave birth to a healthy baby boy! Continued from Wednesday, 1/10. After a tough winter, Rowena met her present spouse. He had also survived a winter on the streets. They were staying with friends most nights through the summer, and had decided to do what was needed to secure jobs and

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More Than Just Surviving the Winter…Part 1

For Rowena, it was quite a journey from a secure job and a warm house to the freezing streets of Omaha. “I spent 2016 down and depressed,” Rowena recalls. “I was using drugs. I lost my job. I lost my housing. My relationship with my family was strained. They didn’t want me around anymore. Then

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