Working for Food, Not Begging

Jan 31, 2018  |     |   General

     Meet Chris, a current student in Open Door Mission’s New Life Recovery Program. He walked through our doors after living homeless for four years. He survived using a cardboard si...

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Deliverance for the Oppressed

Jan 30, 2018  |     |   General

     I just met with a young man who had some early exposure to demonic activity, which led to his involvement with drugs at the age of 15, particularly meth. This took him on a 16-year...

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The Right Thing to Do

Jan 26, 2018  |     |   General

     This is Meri. She has been volunteering her time three times a week at our Family Outreach/Donation Centers for three and a half years. When asked why she donates her time, she sim...

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Serving and Being Served

Jan 24, 2018  |     |   General

Opportunities for volunteers to serve guests at Open DoorMission are always a blessing, from Christmas toNew Year’s Eve.      As our New Year’s Eve Brunch ended, I looked over a...

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