Month: January 2018

Working for Food, Not Begging

Meet Chris, a current student in Open Door Mission’s New Life Recovery Program. He walked through our doors after living homeless for four years. He survived using a cardboard sign asking for food but desired a better life. He would agree that he has found hope for lasting change right here at the Mission. He

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Deliverance for the Oppressed

 I just met with a young man who had some early exposure to demonic activity, which led to his involvement with drugs at the age of 15, particularly meth. This took him on a 16-year downhill journey of creating drug potions, casting spells, and serving the devil. Last Saturday morning as he was walking the

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Understanding Truth Behind Cliches

My name is Malin and I’m very grateful to be a part of Open Door Mission. Over the past several months, I’ve been a in the New Life Recovery Program, taking classes and working on myself to achieve a new life. My main reason for being here was to have a closer relationship with God.

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The Right Thing to Do

This is Meri. She has been volunteering her time three times a week at our Family Outreach/Donation Centers for three and a half years. When asked why she donates her time, she simply replies, “It’s the right thing to do.” Thank you, Meri for changing lives through selfless servitude! To learn how to get involved

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Salvation Through Conflict Resolution

I have been working with a gentleman in the New Life Recovery Program named Eric for about two weeks, trying to be a light for him. Last week we had a little minor conflict, so we sat down to discuss resolution to the problem. Eric felt really bad about what had happened, and the next

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Serving and Being Served

Opportunities for volunteers to serve guests at Open Door Mission are always a blessing, from Christmas to New Year’s Eve. As our New Year’s Eve Brunch ended, I looked over at one of our residents from Permanent Supportive Housing, Kathryn. She was saying thank you to a volunteer for her service. Then she walked outside

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The Potter and the Clay

Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; We are all the work of Your hand. –Isaiah 64:8 This week I have praying more for divine appointments, and the Lord has responded with MANY appointments! Please pray for the guests and tenants we serve at the Permanent Supportive Housing

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Snow Day!

Last week’s snow day at the Lydia House started with an extra-long Devotional time with one of our staff members, Lisa. The ladies LOVE studying the bible with Lisa! After that we did some deep cleaning. The Learning Center, Fitness Center, Work Net Room, and Classroom have never been cleaner. We cleaned, listened to music,

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This is so awesome, to see one man from our life-changing program investing in another man in the program through love, discipleship, and prayer! Imagine if each one of us would invest in just one other person what a difference our family, our community, and our world would be! Pat McKernan Garland Thompson Men’s Center

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