Wheels for Hope

Oct 28, 2016  |     |   General

     Did you know that Open Door Mission accepts donated vehicles?  When someone donates a vehicle, that person is providing a huge blessing for an Open Door Mission program gradua...

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A Psalm A Day

Oct 27, 2016  |     |   General

     I have been reading a Psalm a day, along with my regular devotions, for several weeks now. Today, I was in Chapter 77 where the author wonders if God is still merciful and loving. ...

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Microwave Message

Oct 26, 2016  |     |   General

     One of our Men’s Emergency Center staff members, Jim, does a wonderful job of connecting with the homeless men who come through the Mission’s doors.  He shares a wonderful...

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HOPE for Lasting Change

Oct 24, 2016  |     |   General

     I had a gentleman come to the Men’s Emergency Center tonight who is originally from Council Bluffs.  He has quite a story of emotional abuse, and admitted that he had recent...

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Mindy C. and her GED

Oct 21, 2016  |     |   General

     Please join me in congratulating Mindy for obtaining her GED!  She has worked hard on it since starting the New Life Recovery Program in February.  After months of prepar...

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Seeing More Clearly

Oct 20, 2016  |     |   General

     Dr. Matthew Taylor from Ideal Eye Care in Council Bluffs has been volunteering at Open Door Mission’s Free Health & Healing Clinic.  He works with our guests to help the...

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Do not be Afraid

Oct 17, 2016  |     |   General

     As I walked to meet a man standing on the side of the road with a sign in his hand, something about his eyes touched my soul.  I could see brokenness, despair, and defeat in h...

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Cooking With Marilyn

Oct 14, 2016  |     |   General

     A couple of evenings ago, a volunteer named Marilyn came to the Permanent Supportive Housing Building for a fun night!  She taught some of our tenants how to make an easy soup...

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Busy in Council Bluffs

Oct 13, 2016  |     |   General

     Recently I stopped by to visit Open Door Mission’s Council Bluffs Family Outreach & Donation Center and found a lot happening!  The parking lot was full, there were six ...

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Nine Years…Part 2

Oct 12, 2016  |     |   General

     Every job at Open Door Mission is part of the hands and feet of Jesus.  Thank you to all staff members for your servant hearts, hard work, and love for Jesus and the Mission...

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Nine Years…Part 1

Oct 11, 2016  |     |   General

     I love this quote, “When God nudges our heart beyond what we can manage and manipulate on our own, we have an opportunity to act on the faith that we profess to believe. ...

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