What a Treasure!

Jun 30, 2016  |     |   General

     The other day, an old guest stopped by the Garland Thompson Men’s Center to visit.  He handed me an old LP record album that he had come across at a garage sale.  The c...

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Cooling Down

Jun 29, 2016  |     |   General

     Jesus loves you.  Today those words are a cool breeze in this intense heat.     This week I have had some extra time and location requirements for work.  I...

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Emerging a Better Man

Jun 28, 2016  |     |   General

     John has had his share of problems in our New Life Recovery Program.  Already, he has had to face his anger issues, addictions, and poor communication skills.  After faci...

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The Water Fight

Jun 27, 2016  |     |   General

     Last week on a blazing hot day, I asked the Maintenance Department if they had things to use for a water fight.  It was the perfect day to do one.     In no tim...

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Special Moment From God

Jun 24, 2016  |     |   General

     Some days  I feel overwhelmed and tired, but I have noticed that the days when I feel that way are when God has a special moment in store for me.     A couple o...

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Thank you Deloitte!

Jun 23, 2016  |     |   General

     Last week we had 140 volunteers from Deloitte on campus from 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.  It was an amazing and productive day, despite the oppressive heat.  These volunteers cam...

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Exercise Your Faith…Part 2

Jun 22, 2016  |     |   General

Continued from yesterday’s (6/21) post…     The Lord revealed to me that my perspective on this situation was me-centered, focused on what was comfortable helpful for me.  And ...

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Exercise Your Faith…Part 1

Jun 21, 2016  |     |   General

     Last week I was looking for encouragement in working with a difficult family at the Permanent Supportive Housing building.  I would go into a meeting with the family not alrea...

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Crossing the Finish Line

Jun 20, 2016  |     |   General

      A couple of weeks ago, Open Door Mission held our annual Mission Possible 5k/10k, and we were blessed to have several staff members participate!  One staff member in particul...

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True Salvation

Jun 17, 2016  |     |   General

     A gentleman in the Journey to Work Program came into my office last week to deal with some consequences of his actions, and we began to talk about the Lord.  This man grew up ...

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Double the Volunteers!

Jun 16, 2016  |     |   General

     I am so encouraged today!      We have a regular volunteer at the Permanent Supportive Housing building, and she loves volunteering here.  Recently she sha...

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It Just Takes an Invitation

Jun 15, 2016  |     |   General

     A couple of weeks ago we had our annual Faith Leaders’ Summit Luncheon, where church leaders and ministry workers from the area gathered to discuss an important issue in ministry...

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Great Guys to Serve With

Jun 14, 2016  |     |   General

     It was a blessing to serve at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center over the Memorial Day weekend with the homeless men in our Life-Changing Recovery Programs and those in our Emerge...

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Multiple Miracles

Jun 10, 2016  |     |   General

     Last week at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center, a man came into my office to get his medication.  We talked a little about his pain issues.  He began to share his story...

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