The Mission Field

Sep 30, 2015  |     |   General

     My name is Sam Minturn, and I have the honor of working as a Daytime Support Worker at the Garland Thompson Men’s Center.  I have been a part of the Open Door Mission te...

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Remembering Our Roots

Sep 29, 2015  |     |   General

     While on vacation over Labor Day, I was able to visit a sister rescue mission in Kearney NE: CrossRoads Rescue Mission.  As I toured the Mission, I couldn’t help but compare...

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Outrageous Generosity

Sep 25, 2015  |     |   General

     I enjoy working in Open Door Mission’s Lydia House.  The best part is hearing people’s stories and getting to grow alongside them as they overcome their circumstances.&nbs...

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Heal the Sick

Sep 23, 2015  |     |   General

Kate works side by side the Free Health & HealingClinic’s many wonderful medical volunteers.      Let me take a moment to highlight Open Door Mission’s new Free Health ...

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El Grito Parade

Sep 22, 2015  |     |   General

Ten volunteers represented Open Door Mission in the El Grito Parade.      This past weekend, Open Door Mission participated in the Nebraska Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s El Grito Par...

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Inside Relapse Prevention

Sep 21, 2015  |     |   General

When guests are ready to put in the work and make changes in theirlives, amazing things happen.  Hope for lasting change is inspired.      My job at Open Door Mission is to pr...

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New Brother in Christ

Sep 18, 2015  |     |   General

     A few days ago, one of the Rebuilding Lives Center guests offered to pray for me, and afterward told me that he had just asked Jesus into his heart.     We have been...

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From Broken to Happy

Sep 17, 2015  |     |   General

     Escaping verbal and mental abuse from her father, Angela ran away from home at age 15.  She dropped out of school at 16 and adopted a party lifestyle, addicted to meth, mariju...

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Baked Potato Soup

Sep 16, 2015  |     |   General

     Open Door Mission’s Ladle of Love Festival is fast approaching, along with the cold weather that is just around the corner; let me share a family favorite recipe.  This is s...

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Christ be all Around Us

Sep 15, 2015  |     |   General

     I love it when I receive emails reflecting Open Door Mission staff standing in the gap.  Even last night when I was leaving the Garland Thompson Men’s Center, I saw one of o...

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More Than Just a Job

Sep 14, 2015  |     |   General

What a blessing to do ministry alongside your friends!      Not everyone is called to ministry, but employees at Open Door Mission are.  Daily, staff follow the call God has placed...

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Doing Life Together

Sep 11, 2015  |     |   General

     I am a new member of the Open Door Mission community.  At the end of June, I joined a great team of Support Workers in the Garland Thompson Men’s Center, and over the last t...

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Be a Burden Bearer

Sep 10, 2015  |     |   General

Galatians 6:2 says, “Bear one another’s burdens…”      What does it mean to bear one another’s burdens?     As an overnight Family Support Worker in the Lydia H...

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Hope and a Future

Sep 9, 2015  |     |   General

     What I know to be true is that God loves and values every single person.  I get to witness the outpouring of His love on every person who walks through Open Door Mission’s d...

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