Walking and a talkin

September 29, 2012  |     |   General

We had a walk-a-thon this past weekend and let me tell you it was a hit. The weather alone blew previous years out of the water and walkers rained in on us. Why? In past years it either blew heavy win...

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September 27, 2012  |     |   General

Life is full of many great activities and opportunities that come our way. If you are like me, those activities very quickly fill your calendars. As our calendars fill up it seems like we are always i...

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Prayer Wall

September 26, 2012  |     |   General

1 Peter 5:7 “7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for YOU.“ You are so very special. Your gift of time, treasures and talents make it possible for us to care for the Heartland’s hungr...

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WorkNet Express

September 25, 2012  |     |   General

Isn’t it exciting to see someone’s eyes light up when they discover that their passion is an attainable goal? This is what happened to Ashely during my WorkNet Express class. It was the first nigh...

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Seeing God answering Prayers

September 24, 2012  |     |   General

Here at Open Door Mission we have the New Life Recovery Program.  This is designed specifically for men who have issues or addictions with Alcohol and/or Drugs.  During the we...

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Success comes one day at a time!

September 19, 2012  |     |   General

Dan graduated from our New Life Recovery program and has been living in his own apartment since November 2011. It is amazing how God works in his life and how Dan is able to see God’s actions. This ...

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God’s Grace

September 18, 2012  |     |   General

There are days, when my job is very difficult, but the opportunity to share in a life a person who is hopeless, the transforming power of God’s word and love so that man has a future and a hope make...

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Saying Thank You to a Vet

September 14, 2012  |     |   General

The other day I had the opportunity to hear a man’s story. His name was Jack and in our conversation I found out that he was a vet. That is not entirely uncommon; many of the men that stay with us h...

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Helping Hand

September 12, 2012  |     |   General

Imagine yourself on a long hike with all your necessities in your back pack. At first you can handle it but as the trail seems to be unending to your destination your back-pack seems to be getting hea...

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