Devotions are a blessing

Feb 21, 2011  |     |   General

A few months ago I was asked along with my co-worker to lead devotions for the men and women who are on one of the Open Door Missions Life Changing Programs. This was something I had prayed for since ...

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Never Judge

Feb 18, 2011  |     |   General

Homeless people who appear to be homeless by choice less deserving of compassion or assistance than others? If they do indeed choose this lifestyle why should anyone interfere, why should anyone go ou...

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Working with Volunteers!

Feb 16, 2011  |     |   General

It is such a blessing to be able to work with the volunteers that come though the doors at the Open Door Mission. Prior to working in the volunteer department, I had no idea how many volunteers came t...

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Healthy Habits

Feb 15, 2011  |     |   General

At Open Door Mission we have a health initiative. This is a good thing. Everyone needs healthy eating and exercise habits. It is so easy to fail into unhealthy ones and soon difficult to keep healthy ...

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2011  |     |   General

Today was Valentine’s Day and for many in the Heartland it was filled with flowers, chocolate, and Love. For many homeless men, women, and children in the Heartland, today is not usually filled ...

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Thank You Borders

Feb 7, 2011  |     |   General

Open Door Mission is thankful for partners in the community who organize drives for us. Over the last month Borders at 132 & Maple challenged their shoppers to buy a children’s book, toy or ...

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