9 Years Old and Surprising

September 29, 2010  |     |   General

I met Alexis and her mother early Sunday afternoon during our Walk-a-thon. They were volunteers. Mother and daughter were preparing the tables for all the walkers when they arrived to enjoy soup and b...

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S.O.S. Teams

September 28, 2010  |     |   General

Open Door Mission continues to be blessed by the efforts of so many wonderful volunteers. I know I have said it a thousand times, but we really could not do it without you! Even as we celebrate our ab...

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September 24, 2010  |     |   General

This last June, I began my journey as Director of Lydia House at Open Door Mission. I came with expectations and preconceived ideas as to what I would experience in my day to day role. I was aware tha...

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Hunger Remains

September 23, 2010  |     |   General

Hi everyone. I am Chef Claude and honored to be the Hospitality Director at Open Door Mission. I am entrusted, along with my staff, to put to good use all the food items, so generously provided by our...

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Greater things have yet to come…

September 21, 2010  |     |   General

Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city. Every time I hear Chris Tomlin sing this song, it reminds me of Open Door Mission. I have worked here for seven mo...

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Do Not Become Weary

September 17, 2010  |     |   General

Galatians 6:9, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season weshall reap, if we faint not.” I let my dog out the other night, and she ran straight for three opossums that had made...

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God is always working!

September 15, 2010  |     |   General

My phone rang fairly early one day recently, and when I answered, the caller told me her name saying, “Do you remember me?” I said, “Yes. How could I forget you?” It was a graduate of ...

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It Is Not Our Job

September 11, 2010  |     |   General

LORD thank you for not holding us responsible for making the flowers grow. Of course, ours is the task of tilling the soil and planting the seeds. We must even do the watering and weed pulling, but GO...

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Extra Long Weekend

September 10, 2010  |     |   General

Today is an extra day off for me. I took it to stretch the Labor Day Holiday into 4 days of rest with my family. I have just returned from a run to the grocery store with my 3-year old son, Micah, aft...

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September 9, 2010  |     |   General

From gliders to super-sonic jets, bi-planes to bombers—we saw them all at the Offutt Air Force Base Air Show. I took a group of our men to see an impressive display of our nation’s air pow...

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Blessings Keep Growing

September 8, 2010  |     |   General

Last October, I told you about an amazing young man from Cuba who came to America with his mother, in search of a better life. Since then, Joel has graduated high school. He was also chosen to receive...

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The Joy of Helping…

September 7, 2010  |     |   General

Every Monday, we have Senior Day at the Timberlake Outreach Center. Folks 55 and older can come shop once a month, with a different group coming each week. One lady recently told me she takes care of ...

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They Need Us…We Need You

September 6, 2010  |     |   General

As I walk through the Timberlake Outreach Center, I can’t help but notice how our donors are really blessing us with their gently used clothing. It’s awesome seeing all these items ready to be hun...

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Blessed Story of Psalm 17:8

September 4, 2010  |     |   General

When the new Lydia House was under construction, Candace Gregory asked the staff to share Scripture that would be on the walls of the new Lydia House. I saw this as a great ministry opportunity to sha...

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A Change of Perspective

September 3, 2010  |     |   General

Chances are, if you’ve ever taken a psychology course of any kind, you’re familiar with the theory of human motivation called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Simply put, it’s a ladder...

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