Small Churches, Big Hearts

Mar 31, 2010  |     |   General

Nelva and Tom serve the United Methodist Churches in Dunlap and Dow City Iowa. Recently, they brought a carload of items from their churches-over 172 pounds of handmade quilts and fleece blankets. Wha...

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My Daughter’s Easter Dress

Mar 30, 2010  |     |   General

This week, while meeting with a family in the 29/11 program, I asked them if they were doing anything special for Easter. Mary said they were looking forward to going to Sunday service, but she didnâ€...

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Thank You Notes

Mar 29, 2010  |     |   General

Through all of the everyday drama and crisis management at Lydia House, one positive ritual stands out that seems to be helping everyone’s attitude—writing thank you notes. It is a very simple, sm...

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Salvation comes by faith alone.

Mar 27, 2010  |     |   General

After 3 weeks in Wing G at Garland Thompson Men’s Center, working day by day on personal goals, a man with a religious spirit came to me and said, “I believe all religions lead you to God, as long...

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Greetings from Lydia House

Mar 26, 2010  |     |   General

We have been in the New Lydia House Building for about two months. When we first moved into the building the halls were quiet and long. The same amount of people that were squeezed into the small wing...

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Prayer Brings Change

Mar 23, 2010  |     |   General

I spent an hour with a broken father this week as he told me the story of his family. With mental health issues on both sides of the family and dysfunctional parental upbringing themselves, the father...

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