Turkey Day & Beyond

Nov 26, 2009  |     |   General

Thanksgiving is certainly in the air with the great smell of Turkey in the oven and pumpkin pies cooling on the counter top. At least that is part of the wonderful aroma in my household. That is also ...

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I Am Thankful

Nov 25, 2009  |     |   General

This year I find myself more thankful than years gone by. I am still thankful for Jesus, family and friends, America, religious freedom, etc. However, this year has taken a turn for me that was totall...

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Nov 24, 2009  |     |   General

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, it’s easy to get caught up in our own situations and sometimes we don’t take the time to reach out to others. On the way to work, I heard the song: ...

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Another Great Saturday

Nov 23, 2009  |     |   General

Saturday was a fabulous day! Open Door Mission was blessed with over 800 volunteers that helped deliver Turkey ‘n Fixin’ boxes to those in need throughout the Omaha & Council Bluffs communitie...

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WorkNet Volunteers

Nov 18, 2009  |     |   General

Often, people think that the only way to volunteer at Open Door Mission is in the kitchen, cleaning or sorting clothes. This pictures is of Jennifer from Gallup Corp., who volunteered 2 hours in Septe...

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Mission Bean Coffee Update

Nov 16, 2009  |     |   General

Coffee lovers now have even more reason to savor every sip. Because when you purchase Mission Bean Coffee, you not only get to enjoy the rich flavor of some of the world’s finest coffee, youR...

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Red, White and Blue Salute

Nov 14, 2009  |     |   General

What do you get when you mix one U.S. Air Force Chaplain, one Military Color Guard, several dozen caring volunteers, a talented kitchen staff – who prepared and served over 700 banquet-quality d...

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Back on the Front Lines

Nov 12, 2009  |     |   General

This is not the first blog I’ve written since moving to Open Door Mission’s Community Services Department in September. Moving my office to the Timberlake Outreach Center, from the Advancement Dep...

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Receiving Area

Nov 11, 2009  |     |   General

Change is seldom easy, but often beneficial. We are undergoing some significant changes at the Timberlake Outreach Center, one of which is the relocation of the receiving area where Gift-in-Kind donat...

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It’s A Marathon!

Nov 7, 2009  |     |   General

I recently attended a graduation celebration for Open Door Mission guests that completed the New Life Recovery Program or the Journey to Work Program. We praised God together in worship and then heard...

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Nov 4, 2009  |     |   General

As I sit here on a Friday, I am contemplating the end of one week and yet the beginning of a new one and how that is true over the whole spectrum of life. Every ending is a new beginning for something...

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