What an AWESOME day

Sep 23, 2006  |     |   General

This morning, friends and family of loved ones and the Open Door Mission had a great opportunity to celebrate changed lives. It was Graduation day for members of the New Life Recovery Program and the ...

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Ambulance Stolen

Sep 19, 2006  |     |   General

Well, it is not everyday that someone gets to report that an Ambulance has been stolen. In fact, this is the only occurrence that I am aware of in the Open Door Mission’s history. I want to assu...

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Emergency Services

Sep 6, 2006  |     |   General

Hope that you all had a great time with your friends and family over the holiday weekend. I spent the majority of my time spring cleaning or should I say, “fall cleaning”. I just kept proc...

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Karen Applegate

Sep 1, 2006  |     |   General

It is Friday. Not only that, it is a Friday before a three day weekend. Everyone gets excited when you have an extra day off and if you are like me anticipating an extra day off, you are beginning to ...

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