Dan in for Candace

Jul 29, 2006  |     |   General

Dan Applegate was a volunteer at the Open Door Mission for more than a decade. Dan is the Open Door Mission’s Community Services Director. Community Services serves homeless and near homeless me...

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Perfect Timing

Jul 26, 2006  |     |   General

Okay, the heat wave is over for now. We are preparing for new airconditioning units to be installed. Perfect timing before the next heat wave hits, next week. We have less than 500 cookbooks left from...

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Heat Wave

Jul 20, 2006  |     |   General

Goodness, I am welcoming the cool air. Yesterday, on water patrol, people were so welcoming of a cool drink. Also, it was an awesome opportunity to share with many homeless about the life changing pro...

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Water and Fans

Jul 19, 2006  |     |   General

Good Afternoon on this hot and steamy day, Water Patrol is heading out this afternoon. It will be refreshing to hit the downtown area with bottled water for men and women living on the streets of Omah...

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