Learning to Live for Christ

Matt knows what dark times look like. His spirit was thirsty for Living Water, but he looked for life in drugs, violence, and other religions. It wasn’t until he actually met God that Matt felt cherished and sustained.

As a kid, Matt grew up in a broken household. Both of his parents struggled with substance abuse, and their family even lived in the Lydia House for a while. Matt never learned how to express himself and cope with his feelings. He became very angry.

His first incident of violence was at the age of 12, and Matt went in and out of youth programs, drug programs, and prison ever since. But it was in prison that he truly met the Lord.

Someone encouraged him to listen to Christian radio, and a Chris Tomlin song came on. “Our God is greater, our God is stronger. God, You are higher than any other.”

Matt was undone, and gave his life to Christ in that moment. His troubled mind finally felt refreshed.
The road to sobriety was still long, though. Matt was paroled to Open Door Mission, which he knew about from his parents’ time in the program. Despite his relapses, the Open Door Mission staff believed in him, and he was able to continue moving forward.

“What really inspired me was the story of my parents,” said Matt. “There were two endings. My dad was in the program, but relapsed and then passed away young. My mother stayed sober and living in Christ, and now has an amazing life. It was right in front of me – two possible outcomes to my life.”

Though the program wasn’t easy, it helped Matt realize his need for God’s overall control in his life. “It’s like I have this spiritual battery,” said Matt, “and throughout the day the life gets sapped from it. So I stay connected to God with little prayers. I’ve found a church where I can finally fit in. It feels like family.”

Matt graduated from the Work Net Program back in April, and is working towards furthering his education. His goal is to work in music production and sound engineering.

“If it weren’t for Open Door Mission’s donors and volunteers, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn how to live for Christ,” Matt said. “I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

Thank you for giving people like Matt a chance to find refreshment and new life in Christ.

Open Door Mission