Project Santa Drive


Project Santa (A Drive-Thru Christmas)

Reach out to more than 6,000 girls and boys and bring the joy of Christmas to their hurting hearts with your donation of new toys to Open Door Mission

  • Operation Santa (A Drive-Thru Christmas)Toddler toys (18mo+)  
  • Action figures & Hotwheel cars
  • Lego and Duplo sets
  • Puzzles
  • Board games
  • Barbies and baby dolls (ethnic, too, please!)
  • Fleecy throws
  • Sport balls
  • Activity & Coloring books
  • Play-Doh 
  • Art Sets


Please Provide the Following Information

 If it is we would love to post it on our website and social media.

Please have your donations back to Open Door Mission by December 10

(Open Door Mission never sells or rents our supporters’ information)

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