A New Way to Celebrate


Roberta thought that alcohol made her the life of the party, but now she knows that God is. She has learned to rejoice through Christian music and celebrate the new life that she has been given through her experiences at Lydia House.

Roberta had a difficult childhood. Her father, who was mentally ill, left their family when she was very young.

She was introduced to alcohol at holiday parties when she was only seven years old. During her teenage years, Roberta became addicted to alcohol and began experimenting with drugs. She struggled with alcoholism most of her life, but managed to remain sober for nine years. Roberta considers those years as a time of “white knuckling” through her life. She was trying to do everything on her own, but now realizes she can do nothing apart from Christ.

Homelessness was something Roberta never considered. She often stayed with friends or family to get back on her feet. A few years ago, when things became too difficult, she found herself at Lydia House. After joining Open Door Mission’s 2911 Program, she was able to find a job and an apartment. When the recession hit, she lost both. Her case manager encouraged her to move into Lydia House and join the New Life Recovery Program.

New Purpose

Since moving into Lydia House and entering the New Life Recovery Program, Roberta has felt a new sense of purpose in her life. She is learning how to cope with difficult situations in a healthy way. She loves the staff at Lydia House and is grateful for their support, knowing she always has someone she can talk to. Open Door Mission has helped her become closer to God, learn Scripture, meet new people, and discover a new way to celebrate.

Roberta is ready to move onto a new chapter in her life. She is looking forward to encouraging her grown sons to live good lives. She wants to graduate from the New Life Recovery Program, have her own home, get back to work, and love on her grandbaby. She hopes to live a life that brings honor to God.

This holiday season, Roberta is thankful for her family and for the Lydia House. She wants to thank the generous people and hardworking staff for everything they have done to help her. Roberta feels that Open Door Mission is a great place to connect with God and find the new and real “you.”

Submitted by Colleen Freeman
Open Door Mission
Learning Center Director

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you...”
~ Ezekiel 36:26